Because this is what we know Curiousity, just to make sure if we can do it


Your idea +  Plan +  Leader +  Team+  Some love+  Time+  = SOFTWARE

What your are best in?

  • Making good relations
  • Our top trait is ANALYSIS and PLANNIG.
  • + + www

What you have achived? (PROJECTS)

  • GPS, GSM Tracking
  • Custom sensors
  • Cashback
  • Shopping bot helper
  • E-Commerce (Including multivendor)
  • Heart beat APP
  • Social Network for soliders (Classified though)
  • Point of sale for resturants
  • Directory/Ads sites
  • Design and Animation
  • Virtual apps (btw works with all POS out there)
  • Several APIs and sdks
  • OCRs and OMRs
  • Websites, blogs/forums/company websites
  • more

The Cookbook

Ok so these are some of the main services we have for you.

Analysis and Planning

If somebody is quoting you right away, its wrong. Do get your documents ready for a custom solution before you start. Saves both time and cost. Yeah we can do it. Contact us for samples.


Relational or non relational. Databases are the most important to you. Having issues with current. May be you need us to stabalize it

Custom Software

Means there is no ready made software out there for you. Desktop, web We are here, lets discuss.


Alot of options. Much difficult to choose. we will do it for you. We also offer ongoing maintanance.


Is it your company website, forum, blog or may be your product site, are you offering services? here it goes. easy steps. nothing complicated

Mobile App

Android, ios, window phone. No we don't make our own advertisement based app. But we have some non public apps to show you.


We can take care of your server security, load balancing, monitarization, publishing, boring tasks? hand them over we love it


Logos and webdesigning "Responsive of course". Yes we will give samples. Oh we almost forgot the animations.


Yes we are very much interested in working with your hardware and develop an appropriate software for that. Arduino, IOIO, medical sensor, sms modules, card readers, nfc. BEEN THERE DONE THAT

  • Not in the list? we might have missed it out. Contact us to find out if we can still do it.


  • #Javascript #knockout #node #angular
  • #Android(java), #ios
  • #design #css #less
  • #php #phalcon #codeignitor #custom
  • #opencart #wordpress #orchard-cms #megento #nop-commerce
  • #Design #flash #actionscript #flex #animation #photoshop
  • #Hosting, #VPS #windows #sbs #plesk #cpanel
  • #Hardware #serial-ports We don't make hardware 'yet' but we are sure good at interacting with it

A little about us

Working since 2011, We have worked on number of projects from (Pakistan, Germany, UK, Brazil, Canada, United States, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, China, India, Spain and some other countries).

Our objective is to have long lasting relationship with our customers by having less number of projects to focus on. And so far we have achieved our goal.

Yes! there has been crisis, but thats how you learn right? Important part is we still have those clients working with us.

Connect with us

We are keen to be in contact with you. send us out an email here and we will connect with you